About Us

“Prominent investor of buys real estate notes (all types of owner financing… mortgages, trust deeds, land contracts) and business notes for top dollar! American Funding Group also buys royalties, sports contracts, structured settlements, annuities and lottery payments.  And, we treat you in the most professional and courteous way.”

Since 1989, the principals of American Funding Group have established themselves as leading investors in the purchase of cash flows.  Throughout the years we have dealt with many unusual transactions. We take pride in our ability to purchase cash flows with unique issues, overcoming obstacles and problems, which occur. Our expertise permits us to close each transaction in a timely manner.

American Funding GroupOur President, Kevin Clancy, has set the philosophy of the company.. “We treat our customers like family. Our commitment is to our customer.  We promise to assist and counsel each customer in order to provide the most beneficial solution to his/her problem… being very sensitive to the fact that we are dealing with one of the largest assets they may ever own.”

One of customers, M. H. of Batavia, NY said, “The transaction was rather very simple. You explained everything in detail and answered all my questions. I was very happy with the money that I received. Thanks American Funding Group, you were much more helpful than the other companies that I spoke to.

We look at all circumstances related to your cash flows. We work with you in buying your note by designing specific purchase plans to best help you. If you want to sell your mortgage, trust deed or land contract we’ll show you the many options, which you may have in the sale of your owner financing. Just fill out this mortgage worksheet and we’ll respond quickly.

If you want to sell your  business note, we’ll show you which factors are absolutely essential to your sale. If you want to sell your structured settlement , sell your annuity, sell your royalty, sell your sports contract or sell your lottery payment, we’ll show you how to maximize the benefits you’ll receive from your sale.

If you are a Adviser (attorney, banker, financial professional, realtor, mortgage broker, business broker or sports agent) helping your client, we’ll show you how to help your client and also create benefits for yourself.

If you are a Note Broker, or would like to broker for a real estate note seller, we’ll show you how to maximize the benefits for both your customer and you, creating maximum benefit for all parties.

Take a tour of our site.  If you want to sell payments from a mortgage, business note, structured settlement, lottery, royalty or sports contract just click on the proper category.  There are worksheets for each category.  Please fill out the proper form for a free analysis.

Or feel free to call us at   1-772-232-2383.