Note Buyers

note buyersAre you looking for note buyers/investors to purchase your or your client’s payments from a mortgage, business note, structured settlement, lottery or annuity?

Well you’ve come to the right place as American Funding Group is a one of the premier note buyers of mortgage payments and other cash flows.

“If you are a note broker, we welcome you to our professional cash flow team.  Our aim is to help you increase your purchase of mortgages, land contracts, trust deeds, business notes, annuities and settlements. We succeed only when you succeed.”

Since 1989, the principals of American Funding Group have established themselves as leading note buyers. Throughout the years we have dealt with many difficult and complex issues. We take pride in our ability to solve problems including those which “pop up” in closing. We believe in creating a winning environment for everyone in each transaction. Our number one criteria is that the need of the seller be met, while ensuring that you, the note broker, prosper.

Our President, Kevin Clancy,  has established a very broker friendly environment: “Our objective is to help our customers (retail customers and brokers) achieve peace of mind by serving them in the most friendly, timely, helpful, caring and professional manner.” Mr. Clancy has conducted many national note broker workshops.  His provocative, clear, insightful and helpful articles, appearing in industry newsletters, have helped many a note broker grow his/her business.

“Thank you for all your help on the recent mortgage sale. Everyone on your team was courteous and you were on top of everything. The transaction was smooth and timely.” P. R., Greensboro, NC

American Funding Group s buying real estate notes, mortgage notes and business notes. Or, if you would like to sell a structured settlement, sell lottery payments or sell an annuity, bring it to us as we’ll help you in any way that we can. The documentation required to receive an offer is quite simple. For real estate notes, we need a copy of the mortgage note, mortgage (trust deed) and closing statement. For structured settlements, we need a copy of the settlement agreement and the Annuity Policy. For business notes we need a copy of the promissory note, security agreement and UCC1’s.

We have programs to work with each note broker depending on his/ her level of expertise. The Experienced Note Broker will find us to be a competitive investor or funding source. Or, he/she may want to work with us on a referral basis through our $1,000 Lead Link Program in those situations where time won’t permit active participation.