Cash Flows we buy

We buy Real estate notes and other cash flows.

American Funding Group will buy  Mortgage Notes, Seller Financing and real estate contracts..and also payments from structured settlements, lotteries and annuiies
Real Estate Notes Annuities
Mortgage Notes Structured Settlements
Deeds of Trust Lottery Payments
Land Contracts Business Notes
Mortgage Portfolios Commercial Loan Portfolios


buy real estate notes

Types of Real Estate Notes We Will Purchase Include:
Residential New Mortgages (no seasoning required)
Commercial Interest Only Mortgages
First Mortgages Mortgages From Estates
Balloon Mortgages Mortgage Portfolios


Properties or Collateral Securing the Contracts Include:
Owner-Occupied and Rental Improved and Raw Land
Single Family Residential Commercial Properties
Multi-Unit Residential Recreational, Resort, & Motels
Mobile Home with Land Businesses

To find out specifics of how we buy real estate notes just click here.