Business Note

sell business noteYou sold your business and took back financing in order to keep the deal together? Are you looking to sell business note now for top dollar?

If you were like most business owners, you may have preferred to receive cash for the sale rather than receive payments spread over 5 or 10 years.  But you did what you had to do… and, what you had to do was to make the sale happen.

And, now do have a personal or business need for a cash infusion?

Well I have an idea that just might help!

Would you be interested in turning those payments you are receiving into a lump sum of cash to help solve that pressing personal or business need?

At American Funding Group, you will sell business note for top dollar!   We strive to meet your financial objectives.  In some cases we will buy all the remaining payments of the business note while in other cases, we will buy just enough payments to meet your need.

“The transaction was handled very well. We appreciate the way you were able to overcome the problems, particularly the lack of cooperation of the payor. We were very satisfied with the outcome. J. & B. M., Palm City, FL.

The amount that we’ll pay depends on a variety of factors; including the type of the business, experience level of the payor, the amount of money that the payor has at risk, and his/her underlying financial strength. When these factors are combined with knowledge of the collateral, and the terms of the business note, we determine the highest value of your note.

To purchase your note we will need to see your Security Agreement (listing the collateral securing the loan), promissory note and recorded UCC1 (the lien filed against the business). Additionally, we generally require a few months of payment history and that the buyer have at least 30% of the sales price as equity in the business.

“We were totally satisfied and very happy with the sale of our business note. You did very well by us. If we ever have a need to sell another business, we know where we will go to sell the note.” J.P., Cape Coral, Florida.

We welcome the opportunity to offer purchase plans for your business note.  To sell business note,  just fill out the Business Note Worksheet… Or, click on the worksheet under the “Business Note” tab above… fill in the items and submit it to us.    Or, if you prefer contact us at 772-232-2383 for a confidential analysis.