Professional Adviser

sell cash flows“Now You, as a Professional Adviser, Can Better Serve Your Clients and, In Many Cases, Tap Into Little Known Sources of Revenue for Yourself. Its simple just help your clients  to sell cash flows in collaboration with American Funding Group.

American Funding Group, a leading note buyer and cash flow investor, helps people solve financial problems by helping them to sell cash flows by paying lump sums of cash for their monthly or other periodic payments. These payments can be from mortgage notes, trust deeds, land contracts or business notes created with owner financing that our customers have taken back when they sold their home, investment property or business. Or, these payments can be  from royalties, sports contracts, structured settlements, lotteries or annuities.

We look at all circumstances relating to your client’s situation. As we thoroughly understand the process, we will tailor purchase plans specifically for your client. In most situations, we will investigate buying all payments, a certain number of payments or part of each payment. We have the resources and experience to overcome obstacles and to purchase your client’s payments in a most timely manner.

“I sold two real estate notes to you for my clients. Each of the mortgages had real problems. You handled the transactions in a professional manner and served my clients well.” D. S., Flint, MI

Learn how American Funding Group can help professionals in the real estate, legal, banking, financial, mortgage, professional sports agents and business broker businesses better serve their clients and also create benefits for themselves. Call us at  (772) 232-2383 and we will help you in any way that we can.  You may also fill out the appropriate worksheet, which you will find under the applicable tab above, and submit your case online.

We are very  interested in forming long-term relationships with professionals who are helping their clients  to sell a mortgage, sell a structured settlement, sell royalty payments, sell payments from a sports contract, sell lottery payments, or sell an annuity.  We look forward to serving you in any way that we can.