seller carry back“Have you ever had to say “No,” to a good customer who wanted to borrow money against a mortgage note, a real estate note, annuity or structured settlement… and then watch him go across the street to a competitor and move his assets out of your bank?” Well now there is a way to use seller carry back financing to increase customer loyalty.

Maybe you’ve lost  customer because you couldn’t provide the service he requested? Or, have you ever had to determine the value of a real estate note, a mortgage note, annuity or structured settlement for an estate or trust? Or had to sell a portfolio of performing or non-performing real estate or consumer notes?

Well, now there are ways to provide greater customer service and receive more customer loyalty, more referrals, lower LTV’s on your real estate loans and create better quality loans. American Funding Group, a prominent note buyer and investor, will provide your customers with cash by purchasing their seller carry back financing on real estate notes or business notes. We will also purchase their annuities, structured settlements or lotteries. Our services can directly benefit your mortgage loan, commercial loan, consumer loan and trust departments.

Through American Funding Group, you can use seller carry back financing to:

Enhance your bank’s images in the eyes of the customer and increase customer loyalty by:

  • Providing financial counseling
  • Showing your customer your willingness to help solve his problem
  • Expediting the sale of your customer’s owner financing assets
  • Arranging the purchases or appraisal of mortgages, structured settlements and business notes
  • Having an alternative to saying, “No”, on some marginal loan requests

Positively impact profits by creating:

  • Better quality loans by converting periodic income streams into cash, thereby lowering your LTV’s, decreasing your exposure, and reducing the chances of default
  • Increased deposits
  • Greater customer satisfaction, more customer loyalty, more referrals
  • The sale of portfolios of performing and non-performing real estate notes and consumer loans

“Working with you was a very pleasant experience. Everyone was so helpful. You went out of your way to solve all the problems that came up. You never seemed to get stressed out. It was great dealing with you. L.R., Little Falls, New York

How can you benefit from our services?

Call American Funding Group  at (772) 232-2383 now and we’ll be happy to explain to you the many options available to help you increase your customer satisfaction. Or, when the need arises to create cash from a deferred payment contract, call us or fill out the Mortgage Worksheet, Business Note Worksheet, Settlement Worksheet or Lottery Worksheet under the applicable tab above. Then submit the worksheet it to us online and we will appraise the value of the contract and offer you purchase plans.

We look forward to helping you in any way that we can.