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use owner financing“Have you ever had a motivated seller, motivated buyer and a motivated realtor, completed initial paperwork and then couldn’t put the deal together?  Or late in the loan process, have you had an underwriter advise you that the loan couldn’t be approved because of some technicality?  Have you ever had a customer apply for a loan who was self-employed or was new to the area and not eligible for conventional financing?”  Have you ever considered that you could use owner financing as a lever to increase your income?

Maybe you have taken mortgage applications and found that your customer is receiving payments from a structured settlement, lottery or annuity.   Or, that your customer was receiving payments from owner financing the sale of a property or business.  Wouldn’t it have been great to liquidate those assets and use owner financing to improve the quality of the loan being applied for?

Well that can be done.  American Funding Group, a prominent note buyer and investor, use owner financing and buy the payments from existing mortgages, business notes, settlements, lotteries and annuities – creating cash to strengthen your loan application.

In certain new transactions, the property can be sold with owner financing. In specific situations, American Funding Group will purchase the owner financing for cash at closing. The seller gets cash, you earn a referral fee and your realtor or other referring source earns money on a deal you didn’t think would go together.

Through our services you can:

  • Earn more money
  • Create more business
  • Make money on transactions which were previously impossible
  • Strengthen your relationships with your referral sources
  • Convert assets of periodic payments to cash and apply the cash to the loan,
    strengthening the loan application and creating:
    Lower LTV
    More committed buyer
    More protection against default or foreclosure
    More equity for the buyer

“I was happy with their promptness and professional service. Everything was set up and ready to do when we got to the closing table. D.D., Bayonet, Florida

How can you benefit from our services?

Review your loan applications looking for assets in the form of mortgages, trust deeds, business notes, settlements, lotteries or annuities. Review your dead loan files looking for transactions that you couldn’t close, which are currently mortgaged at less than 40% of market value. Take these files (or when the need arises) and call us or fill out the Mortgage Worksheet, Business Note Worksheet, Settlement Worksheet or Lottery Worksheet found under the applicable tab above.  Submit the appropriate form online to American Funding Group and we will appraise the value of the contract and offer your client purchase plans.

We look forward to servicing you in any way that we can.