sell mortgage paymentsYou can Sell Mortgage Payments , Trust Deed or Land Contract Payments you are receiving for cash now.

Did you know that you can sell mortgage payments or other owner financing (contract for deed trust deed, land contract) to pay bills, make another investment, travel or you just rid yourself of worry? ”

“The mortgage note you are holding can be a wonderful investment. But, do you worry about payment collection, tax reporting and the risk of default and foreclosure resulting from non-payment of the mortgage, insurance or taxes?

Well you can and you’ve come to the right place! American Funding Group has established itself as one of the leading mortgage note buyers; one of the leading mortgage investors in the country.

We are buying all real estate notes.We purchase mortgage notes, purchase land contracts and trust deeds. We are buyers of commercial property notes and buyers of residential property notes. Most of the mortgage notes we buy range from $40,000 – $500,000. However, we like mortgages with much larger balances and have bought commercial mortgages as large as $17,000,000.

“We want to send you a special thanks for your kindness, promptness and thoroughness in the way you handled our transaction. We were more than satisfied and will recommend you highly in the future.” AC, Rochester, New York.

Throughout the years we have dealt with many unusual issues. At American Funding Group, we take pride in our ability as a mortgage investor to purchase mortgage notes in abnormal situations, overcoming obstacles and solving problems, as they occur.  Our expertise permits us to close each transaction in a timely manner.

Our President, Kevin Clancy, has set company overall approach: “We are committed to providing our customers peace of mind. We promise to help solve their problem  in the most helpful, caring and professional manner.”

This is important as a number of problems can occur. They occur if the documents were prepared in error, the original mortgage note was lost, the property has declined in value or if the mortgage note is in default (the payors have stopped paying the mortgage, taxes or insurance). Some mortgages can’t be sold as written but can be sold when certain modifications, prepared under our direction, are completed.

At American Funding Group, we look at all circumstances related to your mortgage note. Since we thoroughly understand the process, we specially tailor purchase mortgage plans in ways most favorable to you.  We can buy all of your payments, a certain number of payments or part of each payment. We have the resources, persistence, and ability to overcome obstacles to buy your mortgage in a most timely way. When selling your mortgage, be sure to contact us.

We look forward to working with you, helping you in any way that we can.  When you want to sell mortgage payments, we will buy your mortgage in the way most beneficial to you…  Just fill out the Mortgage Worksheet.  Or click on the “Mortgage” Tab above, click on the Mortgage Worksheet… fill it out and submit it to us.